Is Tinnitus Termed As A Disability? Can You File A Hearing Loss Claim?

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The condition of tinnitus explained

When a medical practitioner diagnose you with tinnitus, they identify the symptoms of constant ringing in the ears. This can include ringing, buzzing, humming, whistling and even musical sound. People suffering from tinnitus identify the noise as coming from the inside and experience this in either one or both ears. It is possible for people to hear such noises in another person – in these rare cases the condition can be sympathetic. Causes of this condition can be described as symptomatic and can be the result of nerve damage and or old age. Other causes can include head injury, middle ear infection, glue ear and much more.

Is Tinnitus a Disability?

You may ask yourself, is tinnitus a disability? In the event where no cure can be found for a condition that affect people’s lives the possibility of a disability may very well exist. In the case of tinnitus, there is no cure for this symptomatic condition, so a hearing claim is possible. Tinnitus can be considered a disability because of the potential short and long term effects such as sleep issues, loss of attentiveness and even depression that requires chronic treatment.

How can you Make Hearing Loss Claims for Tinnitus?

In order to make a claim of any type you need to prove that it is due the fault of a third party. For a tinnitus claim you would need to provide sufficient evidence that it is due to conditions outside of your control, for example lack of protection against loud noises in the workplace. In many cases of industrial deafness, tinnitus claims are made due to the exposure of a person to excessively oud noises which normally leads to long term damage and other complications. It is important to remember, as with all hearing loss claims, a tinnitus claim must be brought within 3 years of the diagnosis of a tinnitus condition. It is however advisable that you consider pursuing a claim as soon as you gain knowledge of your condition to seek immediate relief and treatment with the help of a suitable personal injury claims solicitor.

In Conclusion

Those who suffer this condition know that it has detrimental effects on the quality of a person’s life. Help is available. If you think you have suffered such a condition and wish to make a claim against a third party search for a solicitor to find a suitable way to pursue deafness claims today. If you are not sure about the symptoms you suffer and whether it falls within the range of industrial deafness we can provide you with a better understanding with  Industrial Deafness and Types of Hearing Loss Claims.

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